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Preparing for your Surgery: Important Information to Read and Follow before your Surgery for healthy outcome and well being.
01 Talk to your Doctor

Talk to your doctor about your procedure. Write a list of questions and be sure you get all your questions answered. Some important questions include the following:

  • Whether there are any prescription or non-prescription medications that you should avoid taking or stop taking temporarily before your procedure.
  • What you can or cannot eat or drink before your surgery.
  • How long your recovery will take and how you might feel the first days, weeks or months after surgery.
  • What kind of supplies, equipment and help you need when you go home after your procedure.
  • Ask your doctor if he /she routinely performs a “time out” with the surgical team just before beginning surgery. During the time out, the members of the team assure themselves that they are performing the correct procedure at the correct site on the correct person. This is a very important step in patient safety activity.
02 Make Prior arrangements
03 Night before surgery
04 Morning of the Surgery
05 At the Surgery center
06 In the Recovery Room
07 When you go home
08 Insurance and billing
09 Surgery center ownership
10 List of Physician Owners
Day of procedure check list

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